What better place to relax that an idyllic island? That’s how you’ll feel in this relaxing pool with massaging jets to release tension and tightness in your lumbar area, dorsal and lateral, your legs, arms, head and even, the most important thing, your mind!

Feel like you’re on your dream beach without needing to travel to another place or in the spa you saw in the television documentary or read about in a magazine and never thought you could be there. Aquopolis Torrevieja offers you the chance to clear your mind after fully relaxing your body.

The Jacuzzi will be supported by the fresh and energising feelings this open-air spa will give you, in which you can get a tan at the same time. You’ll forget about the problems sedentary life causes, the stress of work and the worries that often fill our thoughts.

Without needing to go to the physiotherapist or to a specialist doctor, these massages will provide the recovery your body is crying out for to be ready to launch yourself into the adventures of the rest of the attractions of Aquopolis.








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