Meal plans

Whoever you come with, we have options for everyone

Our restaurants and cafeterias cater to all tastes. We offer you all kinds of dishes, which you’ll love whether you come with friends or family. You can also enjoy snacks or snacks, regardless of the time of day. Ready to lick your lips?

With your bracelet you can enjoy a wide variety of foods

Enjoy an exclusive day in the park without worries, we offer you a product to make your visit to Aquopolis Torrevieja perfect. All Inclusive wristband. With your wristband, forget about paying in cash or card and enjoy a wide variety of menus, drinks and snacks in our restaurants.
In order to purchase your All Inclusive wristband, you must go to the park's Customer Service Office and there they will give you all the information. You can consume at all points of sale and it must be activated at the Aquopolis Torrevieja Information Point. Once active, you can enjoy all its benefits.

Terms of use:
Only useable by the holder. It's non-transferable and personal. You’re not allowed to deliver products (food or drink) to other people, if detected, your wristband will be removed.
Only valid for the day of the visit. Not valid for second-day entry. Not cumulative with other offers.
Maximum one drink per person every 60 minutes. Consumption means the menus designated by restaurant.
In case of loss or damage it will not be replaced.
Restaurants subject to availability.

With your All Inclusive bracelet, enjoy an unforgettable day without depriving yourself of anything at Aquopolis Torrevieja!

Take a break and enjoy a full menu

Self-Service Menu for adults:

First course to choose from (between salad or pasta) + second course to choose from (roasted chicken with garnish or fish and chips) + bread + drink + dessert.

Self-service menu for children:

First course (pasta of the day) + second course to choose from (schnitzel with fries or nuggets with fries) + drink + dessert.

Until 25/08/2023

A classic to your liking

The real Hot Dog! Warm and accompanied by delicious French fries with the sauce of your choice.

Eat quickly and with pleasure

Burger menu for adults:

Delicious 100% beef burger with cheese, on a bed of lettuce and tomato.

Burger menu for children:

Choose between a children's hamburger or chicken nuggets, both accompanied by French fries and soft drinks.

Something light? Try this

Enjoy our healthy menu, Mediterranean or Caesar salad with your favorite soft drink.

Reserve your Vip Zone now!
Reserve your VIP Zone now!

Reserve your VIP Zone now!