Forget about vertigo. Above all, at the beginning of this amazing facility, you experience the strongest sensation when it seems you are at the edge of a precipice. If you are not brave, you won’t be able to face its steep mouth at a height of 16 metres, which inspires sensations that do not dissipate until the end of the exciting trip, which makes this an ideal attraction for the boldest and most daring.

Holding on to a float, let yourself be carried away by an out-and-back trip such as that made by a boomerang thanks to the V-shape of this facility, which simulates, in style, the slopes on which skaters and skiers slide. In Boomerang, adrenaline kicks in from the first second it seems you are going to throw yourself into the unknown and it doesn’t go away until the crazy journey ends.

It will be your own drive that takes you faster or slower and sets the duration of your odyssey, so don’t be shy…and throw yourself with abandon onto this 300 square metre surface. The hair-raising voyage you make on this astounding water attraction will allow you to test your nerve and when you finish you will feel euphoric for having been able to throw yourself down this incomparable slide.

To use this ride, you need to be 1.20m tall, and a weight under 100kg.

High Intensity



Min: 120cm


Max: 100kg


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