Charmed Lake

To unleash their energy, test their agility, make use of their skill and even develop their imagination and fantasy, Aquopolis Torrevieja has an area designed for children (0 to 8 years old) and decorated with fun attractions, colourful dolls and flumes that are tailor-made for them.

Children can feel as if they were on the stage of a story in this Charmed Lake, which is decorated with an imposing castle entrance, with magic dragons for denizens, washed by the water which flows from fantasy trees and decorated with a funny house.

In this fantastic lake full of fantasy, the littlest children can feel like knights with armour, fairies, spirits, witches, gnomes, princesses and pirates that break the seas, cross rivers, hide behind the trees¬, fight with dragons or use them to fly through the sky…Like your imagination has no limits. Aquopolis gives a stage to your scripts.

The children who enter this Charmed Lake can slide down on the back of a striking dragon, run round this fabulous animal’s head which, rather than spitting fire through its mouth throws jets of water, or swim among the various parts of its body than enter and exit the swimming pool.

But, as is inevitable in a water park, children also have in the Charmed Lake soft mini-slides so they can enjoy the feeling of throwing themselves into a shallow pool and can begin to have races with their little friends.

These small slides are lined by foam-covered canvas, which is spongy and slippery and will provide the youngest children with speed on their descent and protection and safety. In this way they can train to become the kings and queens of the park’s attractions in the future.




Max: 120cm




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