Aquopolis Torrevieja offers you a wide range of services to make your visit more comfortable and simple. From a ship at which you can buy everything you need, to sun beds, float hire and safe deposit boxes to leave your belongings behind and worry only about enjoying yourself.


A cloudy day dawns, but when you arrive at the park, it is already clear and the sun is shining brightly. You haven’t brought sun cream? Don’t worry, in the Aquopolis Torrevieja Shop you will be able to buy a cream to prevent sunburn.

Speedy Pass

All attractions have simple and double floats free and if you want to reduce queue time we offer Speedy Pass system. Speedy Pass is enabled on the main attractions of floats where you can pick up the floats in a fast queue.

Hire sunbeds

You are tired of descents and excitement and you need a moment to relax; you feel like a bit of sunbathing, lie comfortable under the shade, you want to read a book or the newspaper, have a little nap… Hire a sunbed and relax under the shade.

Balinese Bed

Hire a Balinese Bed for those moments of calm, peace, relaxation and tranquillity, as well as getting a tan and watching your children have fun in the various attractions or simply swimming in the pool.

Safety Box

Your mobile telephone, wallet, house keys… To enjoy the attractions without fear of losing anything or being broken, leave them in a safe and well-located place. Aquopolis has safety boxes service inside the Shop.


Aquopolis Torrevieja has a lockers service that you can hire for the whole day and go and get anything you need at any time or leave behind what you are not going to use all day.

Medical Service

A day in the water park is a safe experience free of danger, but if any mishap should happen, the medical service is open all day and made up of a doctor, a nurse and an ambulance.

Customer Service

Where is the Kamikaze attraction? Any question you might have during your stay has an answer. The attentive staff of the Customer Service Office will give you the solution.