Zig Zag

Almost everybody, from their tenderest youth, has experienced the excitement of sliding down a flume, feeling the air on the face and the speed on their skin to end up diving into the water. Zig Zag gives that experience an extra dimension by twisting the flumes to an almost impossible extent.

These sinuous corkscrew flumes which run the length of the mountains of the water park will delight adults and children taller than 1,20 metres. Their bright blue and white colours, grab your attention when seen from below, contrasting with the blue of the sky, or from its mouth at the top, in highlighting the green of the grass on which they sit.

With some of them located more than 18 metres high, these flumes which look like snakes in the air as they twist, intertwine and snake so as to create fun turns, exciting jumps and very fast falls. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed in its never-ending journey of more than one hundred metres.

Helped by the water that flows through them, you have to pass through numerous descents, tunnels, curves to one side and to the other and cross a labyrinth to fall into the refreshing pool where these crazy flumes end after an exciting competition with your family and friends to see who has chosen the flume with the fastest descent or whose shapes allow you to slide the fastest.

The oldest among us call these flumes Los Guadiana, since they appear and disappear from the mountain as if they were the Andalusian river. One of the most original attractions of Aquopolis Torrevieja.

To use this ride you need to be 1.20m tall, and the maximum weight admited is 100kg.




Min: 120cm


Max: 100kg


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