Mini Zig Zag

The water park has adapted two of the funniest attractions for the little member of the family, among them the Mini Zig Zag. The kids can slide down the entwined slides Mini Zig Zag accompanied by their parents or alone if they can swim properly. Even those not so kids can slide down Mini Zig Zag of the lower slope.

Children who are under 1.20 metres tall or under 12 years old can show their family their skill by climbing to the mouth of these small soft slides. Its various slides are covered with soft materials so that the children’s descent down this flume is soft and they can play their games without any mishaps and in complete safety. The children will also have the chance to prove their skill when descending these slides in various postures, trying get there ahead of their friends or all reaching the finish line

Once completed the descent, Mini Zig Zag will serve you as a springboard to get started on the adventure of the Zig Zag and ride down the big slides.








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