If you’re stressed, you have some kind of tension in your body or you want a relaxing moment among so much excitement, it is time to let yourself be caressed by the bubbling Jacuzzi of Aquopolis Torrevieja, located in one of the most tranquil spots in the park.
Its jets and bubbles allow releasing the stress of everyday life and wrap your skin in soft tickles that make it possible to not think about worries and, instead, enjoy the pleasant landscape that surrounds this attraction in which you can submerge yourself alone or in company.

All its jets of water to hit the soles of your feet, caress the length of your legs, massage your back and tone your arms and its bubbles soften your skin while you chat to your friends or family at the same time as you also sunbathe.

Aquopolis think of every type of person, so it has facilities like this that satisfy all demands: for adventurers who have experienced the park’s most daring attractions but need a moment of calm and for those who prefer the tranquillity the Jacuzzi offers. Feel like a VIP if only for a day in this open-air spa!

The Jacuzzi will make you feel like new. Alone or with others, enjoy its bubbles and water jets release any tension and regain strength to continue enjoying all the rides. If after the first session you still have tension, repeat it and don’t think about it anymore. You won’t want to leave!

The Jacuzzi is one of the attractions that you have to visit; no doubt you will like it.








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