Aquopolis Torrevieja is not just speed and frenzy, there are also idyllic places in the park that invite tranquillity, calm, relaxation and peace. This is true of the Waterfall, a beautiful spot where you can enjoy yourself with your family, friends or, above all, as a couple.

This charming place consists of a little stone hillock of 3 meters of height surrounded by palm trees and vegetation, out of which a refreshing waterfall flows from the top and falls forcefully from the top to a little lake that feeds the lagoon. You can go under to calmly enjoy the views of the park without being hot.

Its jets of water will massage your shoulders, back, arms, lower back and legs in genuine hydrotherapy style. So a good time to go under this Waterfall in which you will you feel like you are in a film landscape may be before lunch, to lower the adrenaline that has been released in your body by the most daring attractions of Aquopolis.

What’s more, this romantic Caribbean enclave, washed by a shallow lake, is the ideal place to immortalise your time in the park. Pose with your best smile to no forget the wonderful day you had at Aquopolis.








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