Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 140 cm
Maximum weight: 110 kg
All Year
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A refreshing and challenging adventure.

This aquatic attraction is just as impressive for those who slide down it as it is for those who wait below, who’ll see them reach the end in the blink of an eye. Speed is another characteristic of Kamikaze, a 50-metre-long slide with a 45º slope and an starting point at a height of 20 metres, which makes it visible from practically all parts of the park.

Kamikaze is one of the kings of water parks: on this slide you can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour, and in just a few seconds you'll find yourself in the pool! You’ll have to be very brave to enjoy the adrenaline that speed unleashes. You’ll feel like flying thanks to its sudden changes in slope! If you want to go even faster, hold your arms and legs close to your body to be more aerodynamic and beat all the records!

Seniors and children over 1.40 meters can go up as many times as they want. The high speeds you acquire while descending will make you feel like a human bullet shot into the pool. The maximum weight to use this attraction is 110 kg.

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